Attitude and Ettiquette are two very important factors of golf.


Allthough neither of them are part of the rules of golf they should both

be kept in line with a gentlemanly way of playing .


Golf is a game of pleasure , we do it to enjoy ourselves not to frustrate ourselves. We must first understand that we are not professional golfers and will not play like them . Our attitudes must lean toward enjoying ourselves even when we are playing bad.

The average score for all golfers overall is about 100 so if we are around that score we should feel very good . Just remember that the angrier we get playing golf then the angrier we will get. Once our temper takes over all is lost .

Even when we make a bad shot there is some thing good that we can find in it because if we analyse it we can figure out what went wrong and make a slight adjustment.

When we play with a good and happy attitude we will play better and have more fun .




Etiquette covers both Courtesy and Priority on the Course as well as Care of the Course. Whilst the following points are not Rules as such they are an important part of the game.


•Don't move, talk or stand close to a player making a stroke.
•Don't play until the group in front is out of the way.
•Always play without delay. Leave the putting green as soon as all players in your group have holed out.
•Invite faster groups to play through.
•Replace divots. Smooth footprints in bunkers.
•Don't step on the line of another player's putt.
•Don't drop clubs on the putting green.
•Replace the flagstick carefully.

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